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Helping Your Good Dog Become Better

Mikkie Mills Oct 22, 2019
Slobbering all over your lap after taking a long slurp of water. Dragging his butt across the floor in front of dinner guests. Bringing you his ball over and over again, only to hang onto it in protest when you try to take it from him. If this sounds familiar, then you are a dog parent and you understand the joys of living with a canine pal.

Nervous Habits

Dog excessive licking can be a sign of anxiety issues. Humans crack their knuckles or bite their fingernails in response to uncomfortable situations, releasing the feel-good chemical serotonin to ease our nerves. When dogs lick themselves for comfort, the same reaction occurs.


No two people are exactly the same. Some dogs love everyone they meet, some dogs are petrified of everyone and everything.
Perhaps your dog suffers from a Napoleon complex and is trying to prove his toughness to others. Maybe he feels the need to protect you for whatever reason. You and your dog need to work together to retrain his brain.


It’s annoying and obnoxious as the dog owner to have your fur friends misbehave like this. What can you do to get them to cut it out?
Have practice runs. Have someone help you ring the doorbell while you stay indoors to work out a technique to get them to quiet down. Remember that dogs are very much like little kids in that they thrive on consistency.


Some dogs just have entirely too much energy and always seem to be on the go; chasing his tail or endlessly bringing you toys and wanting you to throw them.
The best possible remedy for curing hyperactivity in dogs is to give them no excuse to be bored. If a walk every evening is not enough to calm yours down, then change up the routine.

Guarding Their Food

Puppy guarding” got its name from this distinctly wild behavior that domestic dogs have inherited from their wolf ancestors.
Take your own precautions. You know your dog better than anybody, so if you can curb his behavior by feeding him in another room or barricading him somehow, then you know what works best for you and your family.