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Healthy Dog Food

Rutuja Jathar
Of the many responsibilities that come along with a pet dog, the foremost is that of feeding it healthy food. In this particular article, we will put forth some things that you need consider if you are having difficulty finding healthy dog food.
Most commercially available dog foods are highly processed and treated with various preservatives, artificial colorings, and artificial flavorings. These foods cause the same health problems in dogs that fast food causes to us humans, hence we can refer to them as 'dog fast foods'.
Before you feed your dog, you need to make sure that the dog food is safe and nutritious. Now, an obvious question on your mind would be, which is the healthiest? Well, let's find out.


Home cooked dog food is considered the best, but most people find it difficult to make time in their busy schedule to prepare it. So the best solution is to find the best dog food in the market.
But how do you figure out which is the best? When choosing dog food, you need to keep in mind that the diet of a dog must contain 40 percent meat + 50 percent vegetables + 10 percent carbohydrates. It is important to note that such a formula won't be mentioned on ready-made dog food. Thus, you need to update yourself about the nutrition facts involved.
There are a few essential things that you always need to keep in mind while considering different brands of dog food. Make sure the dog food that you are purchasing is USDA approved and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) specified.
Avoid buying foods that contain proteins, genetic fats, hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives and artificial flavorings, like BHA Ethoxyquin or BHT Ethoxyquin. Do not buy dog food with corn, since it can cause several serious problems to the dog's health. Also make sure that the grain-carb ratio in it is well maintained.


While purchasing dog food, you need to consider whether you are buying food for an adult dog or puppy. At the same time, you should also consider if your dog is allergic to something or suffering from any condition. In such cases, you will have to opt for specific dog foods
It is ideal to consider online ratings of dog food and then purchase the one that you find best suitable for your dog. Here are some of the best brands to consider.

Karma Organic Dog Food

According to its manufacturer, this one is 95 percent organic. It doesn't contain any additives and preservatives. It doesn't contain genetic protein either; its primary source of protein is free-range organic chicken, while its secondary source is rice. This makes Karma Organic Dog Food one of the best holistic dog food.

Orijen Dog Food

Orijen is an apt option since it claims to be created from the best biologically appropriate diet sources. It contains 70 percent meat + 30 percent fruits and vegetables. According to its manufacturer, it doesn't contain carbohydrates, which makes it even better. You can find Orijen for both, puppies and adult dogs.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

This dog food can be chosen specifically for prairie dog breeds, since it is made using the food formula for canines of high prairie regions. Its protein sources are in the form of roasted and lean bison and venison. As it contains highly digestible proteins, it is pretty beneficial for your dog's health.

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Dog Food

This one gets the best dry dog food rating, since it is free from low-quality fillers and byproducts. It contains chicken meal, turkey meal, and whole grain brown rice. This is one of the less expensive dog foods that you can choose for maximum health benefits.

Innova EVO Dog Food:

Innova contains healthy ingredients like fish, vegetables, and meat. It concentrates on a raw food diet and is rich in protein, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, chelated minerals, and probiotics.
Other dog food brands that you might come across are Merrick, Canidae, Nutro, Wysong Maintenance, Wellness, California Natural, Dick Van Patten Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Horizon Legacy, Solid Gold, Artemis, and Acana.
Lastly, if possible, try to make some time in your busy schedule to prepare your dog's food on your own. It is definitely the best way to care for your pet.