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Green Bean Diet for Dogs

Medha Godbole
Green beans are a great way to increase the fiber content in a dog's diet. It is a great way to help your dog lose weight, in case you've been feeding him a calorie-rich diet. This story tells you more.
Green bean diet mostly comprises beans and then other fiber rich foods. To begin with, the diet does not comprise only green beans and secondly, it is not be fed to all breeds by default. It is prescribed under specific circumstances under the guidance of a veterinarian.

A Green Bean Diet for Dogs to Stay Fit

The diet comprises the normal, standard kibble mixed with a specific amount of green beans. Adding these to a dog's meal, (sans salt) will satiate its appetite totally and the dog would not feel hungry in between meals. You need to strike a balance between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. These things matter a lot when the pet's health is concerned.
Another important aspect is that, not all dogs need to be given this diet. This is aimed at those pets who are obese or overweight. The amount of green beans you add to your dog's diet depends upon the breed and the eating habits.
Thus, you have to take care of that. For instance, if your Labrador needs a couple of cups of good food and is still cadging around hungrily, add some beans to it. That will help maintaining the weight for your pet.
Even with the diet being nutritious and good for dog health, there is a catch in it. One of the possible glitches from switching over from a usual diet to this one is that some dogs might react to it. That is because of the fiber content in green beans.
So if you think that your pet is not very comfortable with it, gradually add them to their diet. Do not rush into it. That's the only prominent issue. Apart from this, it's a great option for health and is a good option with regards to overall care.
Remember to monitor the overall health condition of your dog. Ensure that no one in the family feeds him scraps off the table, as they can be fattening. Also, insist on exercising your dog by taking him out on walks or jogs on a regular basis. A healthy diet, coupled with a thorough exercise routine will ensure that your pet lives a happy and long life.