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Golden Retriever-Siberian Husky Mix Information

Renuka Savant
When two of the most amazing and popular dogs are bred, their offspring is bound to be as interesting. Yes, the Golden Retriever-Siberian Husky mix is all that and much more.

So many names; one adorable dog!

The Golden Retriever-Siberian Husky Mix is mostly called the 'Goberian'. But you'll also hear names like 'Golden Husky' or 'Golden Retriever Husky'.
The Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are fairly large-sized dogs. Loving, affectionate, and playful, both these breeds are appreciated for their looks and temperament. These dogs have a thick coat, which means that both these breeds as well as their offspring are not suited to live in hot climates.
Goberians are mixed breeds and have not gained recognition from the American Kennel Club (AKC) as yet. They are primarily bred to obtain a species that has the blue eyes of the Husky along with the luscious golden coat of the Retriever.
While this may not be a regular occurrence, rest assured that you have a dog who is gorgeous, intelligent, and gentle with children; in short, a fabulous family dog.

Physical Characteristics

► Goberians are usually medium-sized dogs. In the looks department, they draw traits from both parent breeds, with the proportion varying.
► They tend to have a well-proportioned head, slightly wide between the ears. Your Goberian may inherit the characteristic blue eyes of the Husky and the golden coat of the Retriever, but there is no certainty about it. Rest assured, though, that your pet will definitely be a fine-looking specimen.
► These dogs tend to have floppy ears with a beautiful, narrow muzzle. Regardless of their eye color, these dogs have that unmistakable twinkle, which is the trademark of Retrievers.
► Their double-layered inner coat is dense and soft to touch, whereas the outer coat has fine, long hair with a slightly wavy texture. You'll also see them in various colors and combinations―black and white, black and brown, gray, brown and white, white, cream or light brown, and golden.
► The males weigh between 45 to 90 pounds, whereas the females fall within 35 to 80 pounds. Many of them, irrespective of gender, average at about 90 pounds. The average height of a male Goberian is between 21 to 24 inches and 20 to 22 inches for females. Their life expectancy is 10 to 15 years.

Golden Retriever

Siberian Husky


Temperament and Personality

► Loyal, affectionate, and friendly are qualities that best describe the Goberian. These possess the gentle instinct of Golden Retriever and get their wild enthusiasm from the Siberian Husky.
► They are active, outstanding, affectionate, friendly, and love human company. They are obedient and interact very well with children and elders. They are happy-go-lucky by nature and tend to befriend everyone they come in contact with.
► Goberians simply love the outdoors and are happy to indulge in any form of physical exercise. These should include two walks a day, along with lots of running and playing fetch. Having said that, they also make most of their time spent indoors with the family.
► Although they are quite friendly by nature, they do make excellent guard dogs owing to their alert and intelligent nature. Added to that, they are also very obedient and eager to please their owners, which makes them a relatively easy breed to train.
► Their size and high energy levels mean that they aren't really suitable to living in an apartment. They have an active temperament and require a large fenced yard or lot of rooms to run around.
► Like most dogs, Goberians will be fond of the entire family, but will forge a special bond with one member, someone they take to be the pack leader. Although they are quite friendly, they can be a bit suspicious of strangers initially, which makes them good guard dogs.

Health, Care, and Grooming

► Goberians have little to none health concerns, which is a relief considering that they are mixed. However, keep in mind that these dogs are prone to obesity, which is why their diet needs to be moderated. Also, with regular exercise, obesity completely ceases to be an issue.
► Their dense coat requires regular upkeep with daily brushing sessions along with monthly grooming. These dogs do shed, but not to the extent that it gets too much. Regular grooming will address this issue.
► As with all dog breeds, training is an absolute must. A Goberian puppy needs to undergo obedience training, preferably from an experienced trainer, if it is your first dog. Even as a puppy, it has high energy levels that need to be channeled in the right manner.