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German Shepherd Lab Mix

Fatima Rangwala Mar 12, 2020
The more you speak about these mixed breed of dogs called German shepherd lab mix, the more interesting they get! So to know are they really worth your pick, you definitely need to catch up on some facts about them! Have a look...
The German shepherd lab mix is not a purebred dog but evidently is a cross breed of a yellow lab + a German shepherd also known as a German Sheprador! They are usually the proud boys of the police K9 forces and the search and rescue dog teams.
Not only are they a good company in rescue and operations, but they are at their best when it comes to hunters and retrieval of a game.
When you plan to keep a German shepherd mix dog in your home, first check your lifestyle since these mutts are very active in nature and need a lot of exercising to stay healthy. And secondly, make sure you purchase a true breeder who specializes in growing and developing this particular breed.
If you plan to buy it from a kennel, therein, the breeder will be specializing two breeds at one time. So that's the kind of dog you should go for, which would have the proper training and growth needed in any sort of an environment.
On the contrary, if you buy a mix dog from an ordinary kennel, what you will be buying is an untrained- a by chance litter, who would have no specific development in him. Well, the only drawback to this is, there will be no guarantee on the dog's health issues.
So once the breeder sticks you up with such a litter, he has his money and you will have to bear all the troubles of the world. So care should be taken to an extreme regarding all of this when you think of bringing home an extra member in your family.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Facts

There is more to a dog's personality and nature besides you throwing a rock for him and he going and fetching the same! Although German shepherd's lab mix are extremely fun and loving animals, some are the facts and details a German lab mix shepherd holds!
The following information splurges the same.
  • All the dogs have a defined lifespan to live. Usually the ones that are larger in size are short-lived and the dogs that are small in size tend to live for long. 
Considering the case of this breed of dogs, (since they are a mixed-breed and not purebred dogs) the combined average life expectancy of these dogs is expected to be around 10 to 12 years. It is relatively higher than the purebred dogs.
  • These dogs are very easy to train if you have them with you since the time they are puppies. They have an interest to work and be active to an extreme, so make sure you are always on your toes when it comes to them.
  • The breed is good-natured, affectionate, very patient and are very friendly with family members and with other dogs as well.
  • They are lovable around children and teenagers.
  • It's the nature of the labs to exercise and work vigorously, so naturally the traits are imparted in the mix breed as well. The owner has to make sure that his dog exercises regularly, otherwise they have a tendency to gain weight when they are in an ideal condition.
  • Speaking of the personality, normally they come in yellow, chocolate or black in color. They also have a short waterproof coat which sheds moderately and seasonally.
  • If the height factor is considered, they stand around 22 inch high, around the shoulders and as per the weight factor, they weigh in between 40 to 100 pounds.
  • The dog intelligence is really high in German Shepradors. The ranking they stand at is a figure of 3, whereas, a normal lab ranks at number 7 in the category of dog intelligence.
  • The double-coat of the German shepherd is soft, medium-length and shiny. Also, they have very sharp teeth to chew and their feet are webbed in between their toes.
  • On meeting new people initially, the nature of German shepherd is really shy but once it familiarizes itself with the members and the environment, they happen to be even-tempered, calm, fun, loving and responsive to training and listening.
  • German shepherds are a bit aggressive in nature particularly in protective behavior. But in case of mix-breeds of dogs German + lab, the aggressiveness is toned down and gentleness tends to come around.
  • German shepherds are really high in endurance, energy and it's not a good idea to keep them in an apartment or small spaced house. For them to exercise and run around, make sure they have enough place to do that.
This mixed breed is one of the most friendliest dogs on the planet! Since they are mixture of two breeds, a lot of characteristics and traits are influenced in these mutts. All the way from loyalty- to high energy- to a strong growing nature, German + lab befit any family and any environment very happily!