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Fun Things to Do With Your Dog

Zoey Fawell Jan 24, 2020
If there is something that all pet and dog owners love most is spending quality time with their dogs. There are so many activities that you can do with your dog. There are no dull days for dog owners. But it is always even more interesting when you keep trying new activities with your dog.
But one certain thing is that anything that you do with your dog together will always turn out to be interesting. However, in case you run out of ideas or you just want to have quality bonding time with your dog.
Here are just but a few interesting adventures and activities that can help you enjoy quality time with your pet that will make its tail to wag and will make your smiles to widen all through.


One of the fun activities that you can do with your dog is hiking, although most parks does not allow dogs on trails you can always search for trails that are dog friendly.
If you don’t have dog friendly trails in your area, you can consider hiking in the streets with your canine companion. You should always remember to carry a poop bag, plenty of water and first aid kit. Just I identify a local street and add a few hills for strenuous exercise.

Obedience Training

Another important activity but very important and you will both enjoy is the obedience training.  Obedience training is important to every dog. Some people prefer to teach their dogs just simple obedience etiquettes that will help them to obey simple cues in their everyday lives.
However, there are some dogs owners who love to teach their dogs much more than just the basics. They may even want their dogs to compete in serious obedience trials.
The best thing about obedience training is that whether you want the latter or the former for your dog, they will always enjoy the increased bonding during the training and the enhanced communication while practicing, learning and teaching.

Vacation with Dogs

Last but not least, you should at least take your dog on a vacation once in a while. The good thing is that nowadays almost all hotels accept dogs although you will have to ensure that you find a lodging that is dog friendly.
You can also search online to find dog friendly beaches for your vacations, restaurants and other attractions that your dog may like.
Moreover you can even take your dog for camping, this can also be the best vacation for you and your dog as you can train your dog while camping, play games and even your dog may find other dogs to play and interact with.  However it is very prudent to consider the health of your dog before you involve him or her in a strenuous activity.


You can also make some custom dog socks or other outfits with your dog photo, It's really fun & unique. Ensure you read this article and you will never run out of ideas on how to spend time with your dog!