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Facts about Siamese Cat

Kundan Pandey Feb 10, 2020
The western world is greatly fond of pet animals and Siamese cats have gained popularity in the recent years, as cute pet animals! If you own a cat of this breed, or are planning to do so, knowing some facts about them will help you to live with the animal more easily!
Originally natives of Thailand, Siamese cats have been one of the most popular breeds of Oriental cat, in North America and Europe, since the 20th century.

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It is believed that the Siamese breed got prominence outside Asia in late 1880s, when diplomats and foreign country leaders brought these cats as gifts from their relatives and friends living in South Asia countries like Thailand.

Interesting Facts Related to Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat breed reached its peak of popularity in the decade 1950s to 1960s, when many cat breeders started favoring more slender look of these cats, leading to selective breeding.
After decades of controlled breeding, the present day Siamese cats have a more beautiful and elegant look. Here are some interesting facts about these cats that all cat lovers would love to know.

Modern-day Siamese Breed

As aforementioned in the introduction of the article, selective breeding of this rare cat species has changed their looks in many ways, when compared to their original appearance. Those who are willing to buy Siamese kittens must seek proper query from the cat shop owner, as there are more than 12 species of cats that have been derived from the Siamese.

Physical Characteristic

At birth, all Siamese cats are black and white; however, as they grow older, there is a sharp transition in their color and texture. Most of the traditional Siamese cats are black in color, with a different colored patch.
Their skin is a combination of dark and light regions and usually, they have quite a different coat on their body unlike normal cats. They generally vary in their snout color, and that patch can be of blue, black, brown and chocolate color.
The modern cats of this species have slender, long, slim and elegant body attributes. With a triangular face, pointed snout, eyes of different colors, slender tail, short, fine and shining fur, the selective bred cat species are certainly very popular among cat lovers.

Extrovert Nature

Siamese cats easily socialize and they are known to be excellent companions.
They do well even with kids due to their calm demeanor and gentle behavior. Since they are easy to befriend, it is quite easy to train them! What else does a cat lover expect from a cat species? Parents must be vigilant while these cats are around children. Just like a baby child, they love to try unusual things.
They may even try jumping from a height, even when they are not physically ready for such jumps.

Typical Attention Seekers

If not paid attention, these cats can show restlessness and unusual behavior. It is important to give some form of human touch to them daily. Even calling these cats by their names can make them feel elated and keep them from feeling low.
If there are more than one cat in the house, Siamese can easily go along with them, however, if you don't pay equal attention to these cats, they may respond by being fidgety or full of anxiety.

The Royal Cats

It is believed that Siamese cats were treated with great respect in communities of Thailand in the old civilizations. Not everyone was allowed to keep a Siamese cat as a pet.
In the event of deaths of kings, monks, priests or a high ranking officer, these cats were chosen to receive the soul of the person who passed on. The chosen cat was given proper diet and space to live in the monastery temple, with all comforts.

A Healthy Cat Species

Siamese cats can easily live around 15 to 20 years and that is a good average life span for cats. They eat food in large amounts and they do not grow big in size.
Cats have an inherent tendency to eat as per their hunger and if you observe that your cat is leaving some food in the plate, is a sign that you gave her more food than required. Similarly, if they don't find food when they are hungry, they can be very annoying.
Knowing these interesting facts must have informed you about the uniqueness of Siamese cats. Remember that these cats have been living in close human contact since hundreds of years, so they are the most comfortable cat breeds to domesticate.
It is easy to take care of these cats, as they don't require high maintenance and extra efforts. With love, care and maintenance, you can really become a great pet owner of one of the finest pets.