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Dog Vomiting Bile

Rohini Mohan Jul 27, 2020
Why is your dog vomiting bile and how can you stop it? It is common for dogs to regurgitate their meals, and rectify their stomach problems by chewing on grass, but is isn't normal for these pets to vomit greenish-yellow bile.
Some dogs are more prone to stomach disorders and may vomit a watery fluid (bile), after eating too much or eating something the poor pooch isn't used to. The second reason could be due to an underlying liver infection, which may be causing the condition.
In order to know the reasons for your dog vomiting bile, you will need to seek a vet's medical advice. The problem may arise when the vomiting is regular and is affecting the dog's general behavior, demeanor, and well-being.

Why Is Your Dog Vomiting?

Eating Grass

Dogs tend to eat grass when they have upset stomachs, which when eaten in excess will be regurgitated as bile. This may explain the reason for your dog throwing up yellowish bile.
The problem lies in the fact that the dog's stomach is upset, which if cured will prevent it from eating grass. So you will need to find out what's causing the upset stomach in your pooch.

Processed Tin Foods

Not all dogs can digest the artificially processed dog foods available commercially. Perhaps the chemicals and the preservatives in the food are making the dog ill. Or this food is difficult for your dog to digest. Or perhaps your dog is allergic to a particular chemical in the processed food.


Dogs will vomit bile if they have not been eating properly and have been starving themselves. The lack of food will cause a build up of gas in the dog's stomach, making it nauseous and thus making the dog throw up bile.
The reason bile is regurgitated is because there isn't much food in the dog's tummy, thus causing the stomach's natural fluids to react against the digestive system. Find out the reason for your dog's low appetite and rectify it immediately. Some reasons could be stress, fear, solitude or food allergy.

Worms in the Stomach

The reason for vomiting bile in dogs could also be due to worms in the stomach. Worms can cause several health problems in dogs, such as stomach upset, loss of appetite or even overeating. Get the dog to have anti-worm medications, after taking prescriptions from your vet.

Liver Infection or Stomach Ulcers

A non-obvious infection in the liver can cause the dog to vomit. This condition could be due to any possible reason and if you suspect a rather severe case as this, you must get your dog checked.
The second possibility could be due to stomach ulcers, which often cause pets to gag and vomit clear fluids. In case there are ulcers, you will need to feed the dog boiled food with no added condiments.


My friend's pug once ate a grasshopper and had to be rushed to the vet after a day or so, because the dog kept vomiting fluid, throughout the day and was extremely nauseous. Which is why make sure you keep an eye on what your dog may be poking its nose into, while taking it for a walk. Keep it away from garbage and insects.

Preventive Measures


Give only vet approved medication to your dog. However medicines such as pepcid are safe to use and are excellent for reducing the vomiting as well as the nausea. Make sure your dog drinks adequate amounts of water, so that it remains hydrated at all times.

Feed Home Cooked Meals

Try to gradually reduce the quantity of tinned food and instead make your dog eat home cooked food. Remember to not add any oil or spices to the dog's food. The more bland the food, the better is will be for the dog. Use plenty of vegetables, so that it can be excreted as roughage.

Feed Regularly All Day Long

Give very small helpings of food to the dog throughout the day, so that it will not go hungry. The objective is to keep the tummy full, so that there is no possibility of gas building up in excess.
Give your dog healthy food and small treats, after every meal. Moist food helps sooth the pooch's stomach, so you should feed it meals which are cooked in the form of porridge or as semisolid soup.

Keep Meal Time Calm

Do not let the dog feel obliged to eat and instead make it eager. Treat it with love and care and speak to it in a soothing tone, encouraging it to eat. Keep all distraction away, and let the pet eat in a less noisy room.
Do not let children trouble it, as the dog may not necessarily enjoy their company at all times. If it's possible for you, try to be around the dog so that it feels safe.
Also ensure that your dog gets adequate rest and is not forced into activity. It will automatically come to you when it wants to go out for a small walk or relieve itself. The above mentioned reasons for dog vomiting bile are often the most commonly occurring and influencing factors.