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Dog Fashion House, Pink Papyrus Launches New Pup Accessories

Katie Rose Cronin Jul 31, 2019
If you worship at the church of cute pet apparel and accessories, get ready for the second coming of Christ, because industry maven Pink Papyrus just launched a brand new line of to.die.for. leashes, bandanas and waste bag dispensers!! Now your furry bestie will be fresh to death from top to bottom.

Treat Yo' Pup!

What started as the cutest line of apparels for pups is now a powerhouse of pet goods. Goods are of new released 100% chemical-free hand grown organic cotton leashes, flexible, double-sided print bandanas and easy adorable waste bag dispensers. Cruelty-free leashes, collars, bags are yet to come!

Pretty in Pink

Leashes are made beautiful and strong. Hand spun cotton is weather proof, hypoallergenic, durable, naturally elastic, lightweight and soft. This makes the leash stylish, sustainable, and a safe outdoor accessory for your pup.

Cute Waste Bag Holders!

When you’re on the go with a pup who needs to go, we offer the perfect solution. Our waste bag dispensers are crafted to be durable as well as beautiful. Made of heavy-duty fabric and solid brass hardware, these bags are must-have accessory.

Ever Seen A Bandana So Good?

Our classic tie-on bandanas are perfect for your fashionable fur baby. With carefully selected comfortable and stylish fabrics, pups and owners will enjoy and appreciate them. Sizes range from small to large to accommodate the pups.

Bottom Line

If a dog likes to look good and never turns down an invitation to play fetch, they are the essence of Pink Papyrus. If a pet owner values high quality, lasting products that make being a pet parent enjoyable and cute, they too rock at life, and need to know about Pink Papyrus! Visit PinkPapyrus.com to get your shop on!