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Amazing Coat Patterns for Your Dog

Fatima Rangwala Mar 12, 2020
Coats are necessary for dogs when going outside in winter season to protect them from the cold. This story provides various amazing coat patterns that you can consider for your dog.
If you are a voracious knitter or crocheter, you could use the idea of doing something different, like making clothes for your pet. You can share some of your knitting techniques and ideas to have fancy, cool, and amazing coat patterns for your loving dog. 
Once you get the knack of creating clothes for your canine, you may love it so much that you may go for making an entire wardrobe. So, for a change, stop implementing your ideas to just create regular knitting or crocheting apparels.
Instead, go in for some easy and amazing patterns for a coat for your dog. Here, we give you a list of some knitting and sewing patterns that you could use and also provide you with pictures of some interesting patterns of dog coats and sweaters. Do take a look.

Sewing Patterns for Dog Coats

  • Woofy Wear Dog Sewing Pattern
  • Dinky Dog Sewing Pattern
  • Dog Coats Cape Clothes Sewing Pattern Butterick
  • Pet Dog Doggy Frog Pattern Hooded Coat
  • Dog Cloth Check Pattern Hooded Faux Fur Coats
  • Dog Clothing Paw Pattern Wizard Hoodie Fuzzy Coat
These patterns are good to implement once you have learned the basic measuring size of your pooch's clothes and techniques of attaching it together.

Dog Coat Patterns

In case you do not know how to make coats for your dog, purchasing it online is the best option. The internet is a pool of information which will certainly provide you with all you need to know. Keep a few names at hand and work with them. 
If you are buying some designer dog clothes online, particularly coats, measure the size of your dog beforehand and then go for a particular design. Follow the same method if you are planning to begin your project with knitting.
Every pattern will differ based on the type of dog and its size. The best part about this project is its scope for personalization. If your pet is shy, subtle can be the look for it. If it is a bold pet, then some hard-core boyish stuff like bikes or football patterns could be suitable.
Some patterns can be sewn on machines while others can be knitted or crocheted. The right thing to do is to look out for the websites which have photos and detailed specs provided. Don't simply go by the name. There is a chance that the coat may not fit your dog or might be of poor quality. Given below are some pattern ideas.

Crochet Patterns

  • Checkerboard Dog Sweater Pattern
  • Bobbie's Doggie Sweater
  • One Piece Solid Dog Sweater for small, medium large, Xlarge dogs
  • Santa Sweater and Hat
  • Patriotic Dog Jacket
  • Ribbed Dog Sweater
  • Doggie Sweater measuring (12, 14, 16, 18)

Knit Patterns

  • Cabled Jacket
  • Knitted Dog Jacket & Polo Neck Knitted Coat
  • Buster Sweater (fit from neck to tail approximately 16'')
  • Plain Pullover Sweater
  • One Piece Sweater (Dog Coat Patterns for large dogs)
It's all the more exciting to get started with your knit 'n' click job when you have a legion of patterns in front of you. These patterns look really trendy and pose a great gift for the pets. You can even make them new clothing on their birthday. Get creative and turn your dog into a fashionable pooch.