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Different Types of Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs, also called cavies, are a domesticated species of rodent.
Tejas Katkar
American Guinea Pig
They have a small body ranging from 8 to 9 inches. They have a rectangular shaped body.
Crested Guinea Pig
This is an uncommon and a very rare breed which comes in different colors like brown, black, and tortoise shell.
Peruvian Guinea Pig
Peruvian guinea pigs have spectacular long hair and long fur.
Himalayan Guinea Pig
They are born with red eyes and white fur, as they age dark colour develops around their eyes.
Silkie or Sheltie Guinea Pig
This is a very friendly breed and people like them due to their long hair and so keep them as pets.
Coronet Guinea Pig
They are known for their long hair, and are very playful, curious and affectionate.
Teddy Guinea Pig
They have a distinctive rough, upstanding coat. They are very human friendly and thus are best as pets.
Skinny Guinea Pig
They are hairless breed, but have hair on muzzles, feet, and legs. They have a very sensitive skin.
It is known as pocket pet in western society. Their friendly nature and easy care have made them popular as household pet.