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10 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Shweta Ajwani Mar 19, 2020
Dog lovers will always go that extra mile to shower it with love and affection. In spite of everything, it is human to make a mistake. Steer clear from the mistakes listed here and be the best dog owner there ever was.
Mistake: Feeding and treating your dog with bones.
Effect: Chewing on bones can injure the dog's teeth, tongue, and mouth. Fragments and pieces of the bones can get stuck in its windpipe or digestive tract, making it difficult for the dog to breathe, which would require a surgery for removal of the pieces.
Whether you already have a canine that you absolutely adore, or are contemplating of getting one, ensure you don't make the following mistakes, and make life easier for both you and your pet.

Making an impromptu dog purchase

It is extremely easy to go weak in the knees, be wooed by the innocence in a dog's eyes, and the chubbiness of its soft little paws. There is more to a pet than just its cuteness and playfulness. Remember that, once you bring home a pet, you are responsible for one more life.
Unless you can commit to a life that will include feeding it, cleaning its waste, ensuring its medical care, and taking it for regular walks, for the next fifteen years (at least), do not give in to spontaneous urges of buying a pet, no matter how strong they might be.
Not reading up on the different breeds and their mannerisms is another grave mistake which could cause you to repent later.

Confusing the dog with rules

The man of the house is extremely partial towards the pet, and allows it to lounge on the sofa, but in the absence of the father, the mother shouts at the pet for sprawling across the sofa.
This kind of dual behavior confuses the pet and can entail bad behavior by the pet.

Giving it too many treats

With time and too many treats, it will get difficult for you as a trainer, to train your pet, since the treats will lose their value. Limit treats to occasions when the dog has performed a trick brilliantly, or has shown exceptional behavior.
Also, dishing out too many treats will make your pet addicted to them, and it might not perform without seeing the treat first.

Overfeeding the dog

The way to a man's heart might be through his stomach, but this is surely not true in your pet's case. Dogs already tend to eat more than they should be eating.
Dog owners who lack pet education tend to continuously keep feeding their dogs, fearing they might starve. Obesity in the pet can lead to heart and respiratory disorders, reducing its lifespan.

Not ensuring it gets enough exercise

Just like humans, dogs need their daily dose of exercise too. Lack of exercise could make your pet obese, which could lead to respiratory and other grave health-related problems.
Not only this, regular exercise also channels the energy of the pet into positivity and happiness which would otherwise be spent on futile acts like barking, jumping, or chewing on stuff.

Not paying attention to changes in behavior

Being under the impression that if your pet is wagging its tail, it always means that it is happy, is wrong.
Dog owners should see to it that they understand their pet's body language, and remain alert to notice apparent changes in behavior.

Not ensuring preventive medical and dental care

It is up to you to maintain and adjust your daily routine so that you can take your dog for routine health checkups and frequent visits to the vet.
Procrastinating, delaying, and postponing your pet's health care can lead to deterioration and worsening of its health, making it an unhealthy pet. Ensuring proper dental care and timely medication is known to increase your pet's longevity.

Not letting it socialize

Socialization ensures that the pet is comfortable in mingling with other pets and human beings apart from its owners only.
A pet that has been kept in solitude could exhibit emotions of fear, aggressiveness, anger, and hostility when brought in contact with the outside world. Encourage socialization so that the pet is used to company and behaves in a proper manner in such situations.

Leaving it alone for too long

Loneliness and solitude can make the pet feel neglected and unloved, which could lead to unusual behavior. The dog could either become aggressive and reproachful, or it could turn into a silent and sad pet.
If you do have to leave it alone for a greater part of the day, consider options like pet daycare centers, pet hostels, or pet sitters who can fill in for you and recover your absence.

Venting your anger on the dog

In the heat of the moment, it might not be in the best of your intentions when you punish or scold your pet for an accident.
But know that yelling or physically abusing the pet will do more harm than good. Your pet will only learn to fear you. It does not understand your language or scolding, and hence, it will not learn to avoid repeating that mistake.
Sure, love is blind, but don't let your love for your dog make you turn a blind eye towards your pet's well-being. Avoid making these mistakes to make sure your relationship with your pet continues for a longer period.