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Cleaning a Dog's Ears

Rujuta Borkar Jul 31, 2020
Cleaning your dog's ears is just as important as taking care of his other needs. In this story, we will look through certain ways of how to accomplish this task.
Cleaning a dog's ears may seem a daunting and sensitive task if you don't know how to go about it. But it is not something that should be ignored―doing so could lead to the emergence of ear infections and diseases. Which is why, it is important to learn the basics of how to do this task. Certain simple processes have been explained further.

Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Take a little amount of hydrogen peroxide and pour it in a container to let it come down to room temperature.
2. This is necessary because hydrogen peroxide is cold and might hurt the ears.
3. Once it's warm, use a dropper and put about 3-4 drops inside the dog's ear.
4. Make sure that it does not go into the ear canal.
5. Now, fold the ear over and massage well.
6. Take a cotton ball and dab the excess peroxide. Then, take a swab and clean the outer parts of the ear.
7. Let the dog shake off.

Vinegar and Water

1. Make a solution of vinegar, water, and peroxide in a 1:1:1 ratio in a container.
2. Now, hold the dog's snout so he doesn't move. Make sure that the grip is firm yet gentle.
3. Dip a cotton in the solution and clean the inside of the ear.
4. Then using a cotton swab clean the earwax buildup from around the ear.
5. Be extremely careful and gentle when you clean the ear. Make sure that the swab does not go deep into the ear canal and damage the eardrum.
6. Now, take a dry cotton swab and clean off the excess solution.
7. One can also use a dish cloth or cotton cloth to clean the ears.


1. Make a solution of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and water in equal proportions (about 1/3)
2. Transfer this in a dipper bottle.
3. Hold your dog's head on the side and squirt 6-8 drops inside the dog's ear.
4. Let sit for a minute.
5. Then let the dog shake it off.
6. Now, take a cotton and wipe off the excess solution.
7. Then, using a cotton swab, clean the outer portion of the ear.


1. Take some oil and heat it slightly so that it is lukewarm.
2. Now, pour about 4-6 drops inside the dog's ear with a dipper.
3. Make sure that the dog's head is held securely on the side.
4. After the oil has been poured in the dog's ears, let it sit for about 2-3 minutes. This will help to soften the hard crusts inside the ear.
5. Now, take a damp cotton swab and clean the ears till they are clear of any debris. One can also use a wet cloth for this.
6. Next, take a dry cloth and wipe the ear dry.
7. Make sure that the oil does not get in the fur or you'll have to bathe your dog to get rid of it.
One can use different oils like tea tree oil or olive oil for cleaning the ears as well. If your dog has ear mites, this really helps.


1. Pour some mouthwash in a container and let sit so it warms up to room temperature.
2. Then pour about 2-3 drops in and let sit for a minute.
3. Then take a make up removal pad and pat it dry.
4. Next, use a little amount of rubbing alcohol and squirt on a cotton ball.
5. Now, swipe it all over the ear to dry it off quickly and disinfect it further.

Other Options

Here are some other options that you can use.
  • Make a solution using rubbing alcohol (4 ounces), glycerin (1 tbs), boric acid (2 tbs) and then follow the same aforementioned procedure.
  • Use baby wipes for cleaning the ears. Simply wipe the ears with them. This helps because they have antibacterial properties.
  • One can also buy a commercial ear wash solution, which are readily available in the market.
Always be very gentle when you take a cotton bud to your dog's ear as it can damage their eardrums. Clean your dog's ears once a month.