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Burmese Cat Breed Characteristics

Kashmira Lad Mar 5, 2020
So you have heard about Burmese cats and want to know whether they make good pets? Well, their social nature, which happens to be an important characteristic trait of this breed, does make them ideal pets, but that also means you need enough time on your hand to shower them with love and attention.
Any breed of cat would obviously make a wonderful pet for cat lovers! The feeling of a purring cat seated in the lap is beyond compare, and if the cat happens to be a Burmese cat, then it just adds to your joy. Some of the earliest mentions of the Burmese cat breed came from Thailand. It is believed that the soldiers who invaded Thailand may have transported these cats to Burma from Thailand.


These beautiful cats were originally only brown in color. Due to the various breeding programs, they can now be seen in a variety of shades. The first blue Burmese cats were recorded in England in 1955. Since then, Burmese cats with several different coats have been bred.
The colors that are accepted as a breed depend upon the registry. In the United States, shades of brown, chocolate, or even lilac are acceptable. In Britain, apart from brown, chocolate, or lilac, even cream, chocolate tortoiseshell, lilac tortoiseshell, or even a shade of caramel are accepted.
While eyes with a shade of gold or yellow are considered the trademark of a true Burmese cat, you are also likely to come across cats with eyes that have a shade of blue or green; courtesy, the same cross breeding programs that give them different colored coats.
The coat of a Burmese cat has a smooth and glossy finish. The eyes are large in size and have a very innocent appeal. The head is round, with a short muzzle. Legs are long and on the slimmer side. They also tend to be heavy boned in their structure.
The breed is categorized into two groups: the American Burmese and British Burmese cat. Both the groups differ from each other in certain ways. The American Burmese, for instance, has a stronger build as compared to the British.

Personality and Temperament

These cats are known to be sociable animals and also love to interact with humans. They are also considered very intelligent in nature. Being athletic in their build, they display a playful nature even when they turn into adults. At times, they display the character of a dog by fetching things as a part of a game.
Therefore, they make excellent pets for any cat loving family. Their playful nature will keep you busy for hours! Cats being cats, love to play with toys; this breed is no exception. Even a small piece of ball tied to a thread can turn a Burmese cat into a naughty creature!
Burmese cats also love to talk; they love to communicate in their own way. Their really soft and sweet voice can be really fun to listen to and soothing as well. This just makes them all the more adorable. Sociable that they are, they love being showered with all the love and attention one can give. They also love company, so if you are generally at home, then the Burmese breed would prove to be an ideal pet.

Grooming Care

Burmese cats have a short and shiny coat, which means you don't really have to spend hours brushing their fur. Of course, if stroking your pet is something you enjoy, there should be no stopping you from doing the same because your cat would be waiting for all the affection.
Short fur also means these cats do not shed much. Therefore, grooming will not involve much apart from combing the hair once a week and rubbing the body with a soft cloth to get rid of loose hair. An occasional bath is optional, but do include it in the routine to keep your cat really clean.
Whatever breed you settle for, shower loads of love on your pet! This will help in developing a healthy relationship between the two of you.