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Black Pomeranian

Rujuta Borkar Aug 14, 2020
Black Pomeranian? Intrigued? Read the following story to know more about this much sought after breed and color!
Pomeranian dogs we're aware of, and they are quite a popular choice to make for dog owners. Now what if I told you the possibility of a black Pomeranian for a dog breed? Yes yes, they exist and many people are actually going in for these Pomeranian puppies rather than the other colors. Why? Imagine that black, furry, sleek coat that shines like the darkest night. Wouldn't you want that for yourself? Of course you would.
But the thing about black Poms or teacup Pomeranian dogs is that they are not any different than the other Pomeranian dogs. (The smallest of the dogs are referred to as teacup Pomeranians. It is not a separate breed, mind you). In the following article I shall take you through some of the distinct features of this breed of dog and maybe at the end of the article you will want to pick up some of them yourself.

Distinct Features

The black color does not make them any different from the other colored Poms, so when we talk about the characteristics and features of the black Pomeranian dog, it is to be understood that all the Poms will share the same traits.

Basic Structure

Black Pomeranians are of a small stature weighing about 3-4 kg and have a height of about 18-30 cms. Making them a really small breed. They have a fluffy coat that is a little coarse to touch, while the undercoat is soft and comprises short hair. The thickest parts of the coat are near the chest and the neck region. The tail is fluffy as well. The Pom has a very piercing gaze that is set in its almond shaped eyes. The ears are small and erect. These dogs have been known to live for 15 years as well.


The black Poms are very lively and sprightly dogs that require a lot of activity in their daily lives. They are eager learners and therefore make for great show dogs. Being extremely intelligent they prove to be great companions to their owners. They are known for their loyalty. But be firm with these dogs or they'll be a problem for you later. If not handled with a gentle but firm hand, their behavior will tend to get fussy and unnecessarily demanding.
This breed can get a little annoying with strangers - barking and yelping excessively. So there need to be rules set to avoid any dog bites or the like. This breed strives well indoors. It can be kept in an apartment very comfortably. So keeping one as a pet is never a major nuisance.


Due to its long and thick coat, the black Pom tends to sweat a lot and therefore the coat will begin to stink. Bathing and grooming has to be taken very, very seriously for this breed. Make sure that you bathe it every 2-3 days to avoid any health problems and illnesses. Make sure that you brush the coat everyday so that no ticks and fleas are formed. Clean its eyes and ears frequently as well. Make sure that you administer good dog care by taking the dog for a walk everyday, this will ensure that the dog remains fit and fine.

Names for Pomeranians

Here is a list of unique dog names that you can use for naming your pet dog. Check to see if you find that perfect name for your pup in here:
  • Ebony
  • Rocco
  • Pompy
  • Riley
  • Woof
  • Kiko
  • Tona
  • Darcy
  • Blake
  • Aba
  • Abbra
  • Abe
  • Pluto
  • Taffy
  • Nugget
  • Kira
  • Milo
  • Pepsi
  • Kumo
  • Fuzzy
  • Groovy
  • Isa
  • Cody
  • Dover
  • Bella
  • Vicky
  • Minnie
  • Deva
  • Zorro
  • Taffy
  • Re-Re
  • Baboo
  • Baloo
  • Bagera
  • Mowgli
  • Ruby
To sum it all up then, the black Pom can definitely be a great pet and make for great company for the elderly and in teaching children the importance of pet care. And now that you know something more about the black Pomeranian, I'm sure it has made your decision about going in for one clearer. So what will it be then?