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Black Labrador Retriever

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Mar 7, 2020
Looking for some information on your black Labrador retriever that will help you understand your pet better? The following story will share with you some information on Labrador retrievers that will be an interesting read.
What makes a black Labrador retriever a popular pet around the world? It is its humble behavior, love for its human owners, and the ability to be a fabulous hunting companion. Black Labrador retrievers are very handsome and instill a sense of pride in the owner.

Black Labrador Retriever Information

The Labrador retrievers were initially developed in mid 1800 in England. They were introduced in United States during World War 1. In 1991, the Labs were registered with the American Kennel Club.
The American Kennel Club recognizes three distinct Lab colors; the Yellow Labrador Retriever, the Chocolate Labrador Retriever and the Black Labrador Retriever. These Labs are divided under field lines and show lines.
Those bred under show lines are accentuated according to temperament and conformation. The field lines are accentuated according to their ability to hunt.
The dog has a strong built. This medium-sized dog has a short, dense, and dark black coat. The head has a 'clean cut', with a broad skull and a 'otter tail'. The most striking feature of this dog are its eyes. They are the most kind and friendly eyes you will ever find.
They have a double coat. The undercoat is soft and downy, while the outer coat is hard and short. The outer coat is able to repel water making this dog naturally waterproof. The undercoat helps keep the dog nice and warm during cold seasons.
The male dog is about 22 to 24½ inches tall. They weigh about 65 to 80 pounds. The females stand about 21 to 23½ inches in height and are 55 to 70 pounds in weight.
Black Labrador retrieve is prone to hip dysplasia, eye problems, cold tail, ear infections, etc. Most of the time health problems arise due to a genetic disposition or poor breeding. Otherwise, these dogs are very healthy and athletic breeds.
Black Labrador retriever puppies are a favorite among children as pets. This is because they are not only cute and cuddly, but get along well with kids. They are extremely patient with younger kids, who may pull and push inadvertently.
Thus, making them one of the best dogs for children. They are friendly and love bringing things that are lying around the house to their owners.
They are known for their bark, rather than bite. They can however, become untamed and unmanageable if one does not follow strict dog obedience training. These dogs require ample of dog exercise like swimming, running, walk in the park and ball games. They are full of energy and lack of action will cause them to become bored. A dog lacking enough action in their daily lives will become destructive and aggressive.

Black Labrador Retriever Names

New owners often are in search of some names to call their new pet. Most of the time, owners are stuck with 'Shadow' and 'Blackie'. If you too are looking for some interesting names, then the following list will help you get started.
  • Coal
  • Knight
  • Duff
  • Jedda
  • Montsho
  • Sable
  • Shyam
  • Tuscun
  • Doug
  • Jet
  • Ashe
  • Forest
  • Kame
  • Hogan
  • Midnight
  • Panther
  • Oreo
  • Bashful
  • Ariel
  • Buddy
There are many black Labrador retriever rescue centers and shelters that will help you adopt one. You will also find online rescue sites looking for loving owners and families to adopt these humble canines. You should take good dog care to ensure that this easy to please dog remains happy.
Labrador care does not require one to take much effort, just spending a bit of quality time and sharing affection will do the trick.
Hope this story has helped you learn some interesting and useful information on this dog.