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Benefits of Owning a Dachshund

Zoey Fawell Jan 25, 2020
All dogs are special to their owners in one way or the other. One of the most popular types of dogs is a dachshund. They originated from Germany and they have short legs and long bodies.
Dachshund come in three different varieties the long haired, the wirehaired and the one with smooth coat. They serve not only as pets to human beings, but they can also sometimes offer friendship to their owners since they exhibit a very interesting personality and even physical characteristics.
Moreover they have a very high intelligence. Are you planning on having a puppy that will give you more benefits than just being your pet? Well then, a dachshund will be the perfect choice for you. Here are some of the amazing benefits of owning a dachshund that you should know.

The Maintenance Cost is Low

One of the benefits of owning a dachshund is that they have low maintenance cost. Dachshunds shed less hence you will only have very few mess to clean. These dogs are very easy to groom as they have short hair which more often than not stays pretty clean.
Besides they don’t need many exercises, thus you will spend less money and time for their maintenance. You just take them on open field run or walk. Last but not least, the dachshund have free doggie smell and they don’t need regular bathing.

They are Great Watch Dogs

Dachshunds are very loyal and protective dogs and once they like you, nothing will ever change that attitude. These attributes makes them the best watch dogs ever.
Moreover, these dogs are always hyper alert and have a deep bark. They bark aggressively to warn the owner especially when they see a Stanger or infiltrator in the home.

They are Very Cute and Small

Yet another benefit that you are likely to get from owning a dachshund is that they are very small and cute hence you can carry them with you to everywhere you are going in a special bag.
Besides giving cute dachshund gifts to your loved ones really goes a long way. They come in 3 different sizes, the toy that weighs about 8 pounds, the miniature weighing about 12 pounds and the standard sizes weighing averagely 16 pounds. The dachshund is an also a perfect pet for children because of its size.

They are Comical Dogs

Last but not least, a dachshund is a comical and loving dogs and would make companion for entire family. They are very funny, curious, brave, they demand to be on everything, they are active and they will make you laugh almost every time.
This makes it one of the best dogs for companions. However, you should note that they are very jealous and can easily get intimidated by other breeds of dogs, you should therefor ensure you teach them to socialize when they are still young.


Dachshund can also be used to smell and flush out animals that dwells in burrows and even hunt small animals such the rabbit because their paws are shaped like large paddles and they have muscular bodies.
The best thing about these dogs is that they are allowed to become overweight because of their shapes and sizes. Moreover they can find food anywhere because of their incredible nose.