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Information about the Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are strong and well-built dogs with a gentle nature. So, they are ideal for families with kids and elderly.
Sonia Nair Jul 31, 2020
While choosing a pet dog, various factors have to be taken into consideration. You have to choose that particular dog breed, that is best suited for your requirements.
Basset hounds are well-built dogs with short legs, muscular bodies, droopy ears, loose skin with folds over the face, and soft brown eyes. If you have any plan to adopt a member of this dog breed, then the following information may prove useful for you.


This dog breed is said to have originated in the sixteenth century France. It is believed to be a cross between the Bloodhound and Basset Art├ęsien Normand (a short and straight-legged dog breed).
In fact, the name Basset hound is derived from the French word 'bas' that means low, referring to the short stature of the dog. As they were small and slow-moving, Basset Hounds were ideal as companion dogs for hunting. Later, they got popular with the elite class of the country.
During 1886, a pair was imported to England, where the breed got recognition from the kennel club in 1882. In the U.S., the breed was recognized in 1885.
Today, it is one of the popular dog breeds across the globe, for its gentle and loving nature. They are sometimes referred to as hush puppies, as this dog breed is the logo of the famous footwear brand called 'Hush Puppies'.

Physical Features

Even though they are short, Basset Hounds cannot be considered small dogs, as they have a long and well-built muscular body. They have a maximum height of around a foot, and their body weight may range between 15 to 35 kilograms.
There is no specific color standard for this dog breed, but they are usually found in combinations of black, white, red, tan, honey, light brown, and lemon. They have a smooth, short-haired coat, but some individuals may sport rough hair too.
Another characteristic feature is the short and strong neck with loose skin folds known as dewlap. The skin on the face is loose, forming folds and wrinkles. The tail is long, curvy, and upright. In almost all individuals, the tail is found to be tapering, with white tips. Their legs are short and strong, and the paws are large.


Basset hounds have a friendly and gentle nature. They are intelligent, social, loyal, and peaceful. These dogs love to spend time with family, especially kids, and are also found to be gentle to strangers. They get along well with other dogs and pets.
Sometimes, they can be stubborn and sensitive. As compared to most of the other dog breeds, Basset Hounds are said to be the least aggressive ones. Even the male dogs of this breed are mostly non-aggressive in nature.
They may get lazy at times, and tend to rest and sleep. This may lead to obesity and so, it is very much necessary to control their diet and involve them in some sort of exercise.
As they love roaming, there are chances that they wander away from home. So, keep them in fenced areas. Make sure to leash the dog, when you take it out for a walk. They may emit howling sounds, if left alone for longer periods, and some of them may also drool a lot.

Basset Hound Care

These dogs have a lifespan of around ten to twelve years, and if taken care of properly, they may live beyond that. They are also prone to ear and eye problems.
So, regular monitoring will be beneficial in preventing conditions affecting these organs. As they drool a lot, yeast infection may develop around the mouth.
They should not be allowed to jump, as this may cause injury to the hips or spine. These dogs are very hard to train, and may take too much of your time. They shed a lot, but daily grooming may not be required.
If you are planning to adopt one as a pet, then make sure that this dog breed is perfect as per your requirements. If you are looking for a loving and gentle companion, then a Basset hound can be one of the options.