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Awkward Moments Faced By Every Dog Lover

Amita Ray Mar 22, 2020
Dogs don't really care what the world thinks of them, they do what they gotta do, even if it gets a bit weird. If you've ever gotten a dog home, then you know this rather too well. We have put together some of the strange and embarrassing things that our pooches love to do.
Fall in love with a dog, and in many ways you enter a new orbit, a universe that features not just new colors but new rituals, new rules, a new way of experiencing attachment.
― Caroline Knapp
They say saving a dog won't change the world, but it will surely change the world for that dog. Honestly, getting a dog home will definitely change your world. It will be filled with a lot more love (you know, the unconditional one), laughter, and whole lot of craziness.
These little four-legged furry friends with cute wagging tails, tend to teach you a lot of things during the time they spend with us. They turn out to be most loving, slightly weird, kinda clumsy, and really goofy companions we'll ever get. They, from time to time, give us a much-needed dose of laughter and a hell lot of embarrassing situations.
Here are some weird situations dog lovers must have come across more than once in their lives for you to laugh out loud.

Licking their Privates in Public

The amazing feeling when the house is brimming and bustling with people and when the living room is filled with jovial chatter, right then your pooch plonks himself right in the center of the room and happily laps away.
If that wasn't awkward enough, the next thing he/she wants to do is lick that face of yours. You know, just to let everyone know he/she loves you. Fun, isn't it?

Bath-time Tantrums

There are two kinds of dogs; one, who love taking a bath and others who absolutely hate it! Just to escape it, some howl, cry, jump, and topple things. One thing that all dogs love to do, is to roll around in filth or the dirtiest corner of the house. It seems that dogs have their own level of (un)hygiene that they like to maintain.

Awkward Play Dates

Yes, you'd want your wiggle butt to interact, play, and bond with other doggies, but every once in a while (often) this idea seems to backfire. A day of playing fetch and a wee bit of roughhousing turns into a session of some deep butt sniffing, in some cases, a lot of air humping.

The Nasty Butt Shuffle

Once in a while, your dog must have done this weird thing of rubbing his/her ass on the ground. Although, it's not their fault, but having an ass-scented furniture sure sucks. Imagine laying your head on a cushion on a couch, only to realize it has been doused in your doggie's anal secretion. Eeeww!!

Ruining the Family Portrait

Either dogs hate being photographed or they love to torment the photographer. They hold the perfect pose right till the last moment and do something weird just when it is time to click.
If you don't include them in the family portrait, they're definitely plotting around the corner to get back at you (which is kind of justified, they're family after all). Don't believe us, the internet seems to be littered with dogs pooping in the background of a good family photo.

Serial Drooler

Every crinkled wrapper, they've heard it; every time you've opened the refrigerator magically, they appear; every bite you've taken, they've watched it. Not for a second do they take their eyes off your food, need we even explain the little drool shower that accompanies it? Be it cake, fried chicken, or pizza, they're right next to you, drooling a tiny pond.

The Crotch Sniffer

Finally that cute guy you've always had a crush on comes over to talk, and your dog manages to bury his nose into his crotch and doesn't seem to cut it out. Could this moment be any more awkward? Yes, it can, when he decides he likes what he smells down there and starts humping his leg (poor guy returns mortified and violated).

Peeing on People

Yes, someday when you take your dog out for a walk and aren't paying attention, you will get peed on. Whether they do it intentionally or unintentionally, we'll never know. Speaking of pee, you must've seen your pooch leave a pee trail every now and then.

Loving Your Dog More

Yes, it is true, that many love their dog more than their significant ones. Explaining this sentiment to someone who never owned a dog can be difficult (to say the very least).

Greeting Guests

Usually first-time guests at every dog owner's house are greeted with a bark. The real awkwardness starts when the guests and your doggie get a bit comfy around each other which includes a lot of private parts licking and crotch sniffing.

Getting Sit On

Be it other dogs, cats, or humans, dogs love to sit on everyone! Brownie points for them if they manage to sit on your face. All you can do at this point is pray that the dog didn't get to the leftover baked beans earlier that day.

Choosing the Perfect Place to Poop

Every time you take your dog for a walk, he/she definitely sniffs the whole area to find the spot that is just right.
On certain unfortunate days, finding this spot may take a while, and somehow, most of the time the middle of the road seems the perfect place to squat and do the deed. Other than that, swimming pools, public ponds, the front of your neighbor's door, the big bag your aunt carries seems to do the trick!

Getting Used to Some Nasty Stuff

The usual poop scooping or getting up in the middle of the night and stepping on something squidgy only to realize that your dog is sick. It's funny how they're disgusted by veggies in their food, but gulp down their puke.

Getting Stuck in Weird Places

Every now and then, the dog gets itself stuck in some of the most unusual places. Empty fish bowl, coat hangers, car seats, toilet bowls, underneath the bed, and plastic chairs.
The funniest of them all is when they get stuck in the doggie door and sort of have to wiggle, shimmy, and tug themselves out of it. If you have cats and have installed a cat door, sure you've come home to find your dog wedged in it.

Too Quiet for Too Long

If you have a young dog, you know there's something wrong if you haven't seen your dog for sometime. Be it peeing on the bed, or redecorating your house with chewed toilet paper, you know that if the house is too quiet, it is definitely the calm before the storm.

Agreed, there have been times when their crazy shenanigans have left you mortified way too many times, but one look into the loving eyes of your dog kinda makes everything else worth it.