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Are Dental Dog Treats Safe and Effective?

Malvika Kulur Mar 19, 2020
Apart from being a reward and tasty snack, dog treats are very effective and beneficial for your pet's basic oral hygiene. Here, we tell you more about these tasty treats and how they work.

Did You Know?

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) approves dog dental products, like chews, rawhide bones, biscuits, and toys, as they reduce plaque and tartar buildup by approximately 10%.
Has your beloved dog done something good, like obeyed a command, not littered the house, gone out to take care of his business, or has just given you the most innocent look possible? If your answer is in the affirmative for any of the questions, then you may think that your pet deserves a treat.
There are many ways to treat your pet, but are treats, like dental dog chews effective in any way? How many treats can you give your dog in a day? These are a few basic questions most dog owners ask their peers, friends, family, and the veterinarian.
Dental dog treats do work and are very effective. They are good for imbibing obedience, and also for keeping dental problems at bay. They serve as a play thing for your dog and also as an in-between snack.
There is a huge variety of dog treats available in the market that you can choose from. Vegetarian treats to meat ones, rawhide chews to meat jerky, crunchy, scrumptious biscuits to rubber toys - your dog has a huge variety to choose from, and you can always consult your vet regarding which is the best for your four-legged companion.
Just like how every coin has two sides, giving a treat to your dog has two sides to it too! The following information elaborates on how effective the treats are and also shows you the flip side of this amazing snack item.

The Effectiveness of Dental Dog Treats

Combating Bad Breath

Dental dog treats are very effective in reducing bad breath, as they have ingredients in them that fight mouth odor.
Most dog treats are specially formulated to include breath fresheners, which have the capacity to clean your canine's teeth and remove all the food debris left behind, thus imparting fresh breath.

Bettering Teeth and Gum Health

As these dog treats clean the teeth, they improve the overall oral hygiene.
The gums are a lot healthier due to absence of plaque and tartar accumulation. These treats strengthen the jaws and keep your dog happy. When dogs chew on these treats, the salivary glands in their mouth start working better and the teeth get sharper.

Goodbye to Tartar and Plaque

Tartar and plaque are two of the most common dental issues that dogs experience.
Since they do not brush their teeth regularly, the possibility of food accumulation between their teeth is more, thus making them very susceptible to plaque and tartar buildup. Dental dog treats clean away all the accumulated food particles, making your dog's mouth free from bacteria and other kinds of potential threats.

The Other Side to It

Most treats work wonders for your dogs, but there are some that are potentially very dangerous for them. Hooves and bones are a complete no-no, and so are pigs' ears and plastic chews.
If you have given your dog a rawhide chew, make sure to dispose it once he starts getting bored of it, so that no bacteria or germs settle on it when he decides to hide it and use it for later.
Rubber and rope toys are good, but the best are the eatable chews, as they work well even for your dog's digestive tract. They also help in training your pet well and keeping them busy, as dogs love these treats.
Disclaimer: The information given here is solely for educating the reader. Please seek the advice of a registered medical veterinarian before consuming any of the dog treats mentioned here.