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Amazing Facts About Polydactyl Cats

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Feb 3, 2020
As a cat lover, you will be intrigued when reading amazing facts about polydactyl cats. These cats have at least one paw with extra toes. Behavior of Polydactyl cats is as normal as cats with normal paws. The intriguing facts about polydactyl cat breeds will lead you to swoon over them head over heels.

How Many Toes Does a Cat Have?

Normally cats have 18 toes. Some cats are born with extra toes on one or more paws due to a congenital physical anomaly.
If one parent cat is polydactyl, then the chances of the polydactyl kittens are about 40 to 50%. It has also been found that 40% of Maine Coons are more likely to be born polydactyl.

Polydactyl a.k.a. Hemingway Cats

Famous writer Ernest Hemingway was gifted a 6-toed polydactyl cat by the captain of a ship. This caused the cat fanatic to own many more polydactyl cats at his island home.
Hemingway’s obsession with polydactyl cats led to them being unofficially renamed as ‘Hemingway cat’ or 'Earnest Hemingway cat'.

28-Toed Cat

Guinness World Records have given the title of most toes on a cat to a ginger tabby called Jake from Canada. Jake has seven toes on each paw, bringing it to a total of 28 toes.

Sailors Thought: Polydactyl Cats as Good Luck Charms

Many sailors and fishermen often took polydactyl cats to sea with them. They were thought of as a good luck charm.
Hemingway cats had extra toes that gave them good balance in ships swayed by rough waters. And they managed to hunt down mouse better with the grip of their extra toes.

They Came Over Hundreds of Years Ago

The first record of a Hemingway cat was made in the year 1868.
This means these cats have been around since many centuries walking the ‘hooman’ world with a stronger grip!

They Look Like Thumbs!

Some polydactyl cats have paws that look like having a thumb.
The dewclaw in some cats is big enough to look like a thumb. Such a condition is called as thumb cat polydactyl.

Proud Residents: The White House

President Roosevelt was a cat person who owned a polydactyl cat called Slippers. She was a proud member of the First Family living in the White House.

Polydactyl Are Harmless Creatures

Just like any normal toed cat, polydactyl are harmless and healthy creatures. You may find it difficult to trim their toenails though.

Polydactyl Cats Are Fun and Cute

Polydactyl cats may appear different from other cats physically. However, they are cats basically who are playful, moody, mischievous, curious, and cute.
The extra toes help these cats open drawers, cabinets, doors, as well as switch on lights better due to their extra thumb. A polydactyl cat has a better grasping ability that spells more fun for the owner.