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Agility Training for Dogs

Shashank Nakate
Before starting an agility training session for your dog, you need to understand how it will help. Among other things, agility training raises their fitness level and boosts their confidence.
In their natural habitat, dogs have to hunt to obtain food. Pet dogs may lose their natural instincts if not trained and thus, agility training is a must. The training will differ in accordance to the weight and age of the dog. More importantly, it is necessary to wait for the right age to start the training.

Agility Training

Ideally, you should start training your dog at the age of 9 months. Some breeds, however, need more time to get ready for such kind of training.
They need to gain a certain amount of weight for performing agility drills comfortably. Any such training can prove to be dangerous if the joints are weak.
Not every dog learns quickly; that's an important thing that you need to keep in mind. Other than his physique, the dog's behavior should also be taken into consideration. Being patient with dogs and teaching them at their own pace is the key for effective training. First of all, one should teach basic commands related to obedience.
Dogs that are active and over-confident need to be trained for self-control. Boosting the confidence of dogs that are timid and a bit lousy is important. At no point of time should the training turn into a punishment session.

Training Equipment

Equipment needed for dog agility training include tire jump, weave poles, bar jump, collapsed chute, tunnel, table, and dog walk. Tire jump is an equipment which is commonly used for making the dogs agile. Bar jump equipment includes a horizontal bar supported by poles.
A collapsed chute has a round opening through which the dog enters a fabric tube. The fact that this fabric tube is collapsed challenges the dog to find his way out of it. The tunnel is a simple equipment that can be used to train different dog breeds. This one is most challenging and raises the bar for development of skills and agility.
The tables used for agility training help in gaining control over movement. Dogs are expected to just stay on the table for a while and then proceed. This small waiting period is very important for developing patience in dogs. The dog jumps consist of a balance beam with ramps present at either ends.


Dogs which undergo agility training become alert, active, and energetic. Their confidence also rises and they become capable of solving problems encountered in day-to-day life. The problem of dog obesity can also be dealt with effectively through agility training.
During the training period, you get to know your dog better and understand his needs. Apart from the benefits associated with physical fitness, the pet develops an emotional bond with the owner.
Dogs that are properly trained to follow obedience commands do well in competitions, as they are well-versed with the basic moves. So, it is advisable to train them properly.
It is recommended to train the dogs for various equipment gradually. Adding new equipment one-by-one in the training schedule would help in step-by-step development of skills.
In the end, it's a good practice to make your pet healthy and fit. It can yield excellent results if conducted properly and in a playful environment.