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Aegean Cat: Everything You Need to Know

Raksha Kulkarni Mar 3, 2020
An Aegean cat is one of the domesticated cats that is known to be house-friendly. It's a new breed that has been bred only since a few decades. This story explains everything you need to know about this cat breed.

One and Only

An Aegean cat is the only cat that is considered to be a 'native' of Greece. However, this cute cat breed is yet to find recognition with popular breeder organizations.
An Aegean cat originated from the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea. This breed roamed the streets of Greece for many years, but the actual breeding started in 1990. Hence, it is considered as a relatively new cat breed.
This cat has always been close to humans, and so it is very well adapted to their lifestyle. It is considered as a national treasure of Greece. It is a great domestic cat because of its friendly nature. It also loves to impress people and will readily respond to your talks and commands.
In the following sections, we discuss its appearance and temperament for you to have a clear idea before bringing this cat home.

Physical Appearance

» It has a strong and medium-sized body, and weighs about 4 - 5 kg.
» It has green, almond-shaped eyes.
» It has wide ears with rounded tips.
» Its fur depicts 2 to 3 colors, with white being a major part. Black, cream, red, or blue can be other colors. Its hair is of medium length. It may or may not have stripes.
» Its tail is long and bushy.
» The paws are medium in size and round-shaped.


It has an independent nature, but it is very friendly, which makes it a good pet.
» It has a great hunting ability, which is why it is used as a 'pest control' method in rural Greece.
» It does not have many demands and will be happy in living in an apartment, but will be happier if it gets to run and chase.
» It is an expressive breed and is often seen 'talking' to humans.
» It also loves water and fishing.
» It is clean, so minimal grooming is required.

Health Problems

» Aegean cats are very healthy and are hardly prone to genetic diseases. Till date, there has been no record of any specific disease that has affected this breed. But, there are chances of diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and renal failure, which are common in cats. Regular checkups will keep all diseases away.
» This breed has a lifespan of 10 - 15 years.
Aegean cats are loving creatures. So, the next time you see one waiting on the dock, why not feed it with its forever love, fish?