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6 Amazing Dog Facts That Will Make You Love Your Dog Even More

Sandra Juliana Ericson Nov 19, 2019
We all know dogs are pretty amazing. They cuddle up to us when we’re sad, always give us something to talk about and, of course, who can forget about all the amazing working dogs who save lives or just make it easier.
To celebrate our amazing dogs, Pet Blogish is here to give doggy lovers six amazing facts that are sure to make them love dogs more than they ever knew possible.

Your Dog Knows You’re Happy When You Laugh

Dogs truly can tell when their owner is happy or sad by the sound of their voice. A team of Hungary researchers used MRI scans to show dogs accurately respond to human vocalizations. These MRI scans show this likely happens because both human and canine vocalization happens in similar places in the brain.


Does your dog bother you every time you sneeze? If so, this is because dogs sneeze during playtime to show they aren’t aggressive to each other. That’s right, every time your dog runs up to you when you sneeze, it’s because they think it's playtime.

Your Dog Finally Can See What’s on the TV Screen

Due to poor screen resolution and low frame rate, dogs would see flickering when looking at our old CRT TVs. Dogs see 75 fps (frames per second) where humans discern 55 frames of video per second. Modern HD TVs still have a frame rate too low for a dog’s sharper vision, but high-resolution digital screens make it so dogs don’t really notice the flickering.

Corn Chips and Beans

Have you ever noticed a corn chip smell coming from a dog’s paws? It’s called Frito Feet, and it's a combination of the common bacteria, pseudomonas, mixing with moisture on a dog's paws. If your dog picks it up on their paws, then adds moisture by licking their paws, walking on a wet surface, etc., the bacteria gets stuck to the paw, creating the scent.

Dogs Have a Pretty Cool Way of Drinking Water

We all know a dog drinks water by using their tongue, but how are they doing it exactly? Turns out, dogs turn the tip of their tongues backward to create a ladle that carries water up to their mouth. To actually see this happen, you’ll have to watch a slowed-down clip because when carrying the water, the tongue moves five times faster than gravity.

Your Dog Enjoys Mental Stimulation

Who doesn’t love that “eureka” feeling one gets when solving a hard problem or puzzle? Turns out, our dogs get the same feeling when they solve a problem. Researchers at the University of Sweden found dogs enjoy solving problems because it gives them control over uncertainty. Maybe our dogs are more like us than we previously thought!