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5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Clean

Simple ways to keep your pet fresh and happy!
Paisley Hansen Nov 04, 2019
Cats, dogs and other pets come with a lot of responsibility. From food and exercise to booking their annual check-up at the vet, it is important to make sure you are taking proper care of your pets.
One aspect of pet care that can often be undervalued, however, is keeping them clean. If you have been wondering how to improve your pet’s hygiene routine, check out these 5 tips.

1. Learn How to Trim Coats

One great way to help your pet stay in good health is by keeping their fur trimmed and neat. The thought of trimming your goldendoodle or styling your schnauzer can seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Depending on the length of your pet’s coat, learning some of the basics of grooming can be fairly easy.
Kits with the proper tools are available and the internet is full of helpful resources around learning how to groom your pet. When it comes to basic maintenance activities like cutting fur or clipping toenails, it can save you time and money to do them yourself.

2. Schedule Regular Trips to the Groomer

If you are pressed for time or do not want to deal with the hassle of grooming your own pets, setting up regular visits to a professional groomer can be a great alternative. Groomers are technically trained to be proficient in bathing, trimming and styling pets with all types of fur.
They can be trained to handle dogs and cats that are uncomfortable with bath time as well as those that love it. When you use a groomer, you can schedule recurring visits so that you do not have to worry about your pet’s fur growing too long before the next visit. Dogs tend to get matted over time, setting regular appointments can keep that from happening.

3. Set Up a Bath Station in Your Home

Bathing dogs in the home can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. That’s why it can be helpful to set up a bathing station in your home. Hooking up a small tub in your laundry room or creating a raised platform in the backyard where you can easily hose down your pet are great ways to make bath time a little more manageable.
You will not have to hunch over to scrub your pup or try to keep them from jumping out of your low-rimmed bathtub. No matter the method, having a regular bathing routine is one of the most important ways to keep your pet clean and free from fleas and ticks.

4. Brush Pets with Longer Fur

Another way to help your pets stay clean is by regularly brushing them. For both cats and dogs - particularly for those with longer fur - brushing can be quite important. Brushing can help keep your pet’s fur from becoming tangled and matted, which can lead to skin irritation and promote the build-up of dirt and other substances.
It can also keep your pet’s coat looking shiny and healthy, as the act of brushing distributes healthy, moisturizing oils from their skin through their coat.

5. Maintain Clean Bathroom Areas

This tip is critical for both cats and dogs. For dogs that do their business in the backyard, regularly scooping their waste is a really good way to make sure they are healthy and clean.
If the backyard is also the place your dogs play and wrestle, making sure the grass is free of debris can keep them from rolling in anything you would not want them tracking back into the house.
For cats, keeping their litter box clean is not only good maintenance and can make your cats happier, but it can ensure that your cats do not come into contact with any unnecessary bacteria or pests.
Keeping your pet clean is a great way to help them avoid becoming matted, collecting dirt in their coat and collecting fleas and ticks. By following these 5 tips, you can help your pet feel clean and fresh.