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5 Hygienic Habits Every Pet Owner Should Adopt

How to properly groom and care for your pet.
Mikkie Mills Nov 04, 2019
If you are the parent of a dog, you know that there is more to caring for a furry friend than getting them the right food and providing them with the proper amount of exercise. It is also important to keep them clean. Want to know how to best care for your dog's coat? Try starting with these five tips.

Regular Bath Times

Scheduling regular bath times for your dogs is one habit worth adopting. Dogs can be bathed every one to two weeks and may benefit from being bathed at least once a month. Since dogs do not groom themselves, regular baths with dog-friendly shampoo can help them stay free of dirt, mud and other debris that may get stuck in their fur.
It can also reduce the amount of oily build-up in their coats, helping them smell fresh and feel great. dogs can and should be bathed, too, especially if they have gotten into something messy. Immediately bathing your dog in those situations can help prevent skin irritation and other issues that may require you to visit your vet.


Another great pet care habit to adopt is brushing! Brushing is beneficial in a number of ways, and not only for pets with long or thick fur. Even short-haired pets can be thankful for a regular brushing.
It helps to keep their coats shiny and soft and to limit the number of matts that may pull at their skin or become breeding grounds for bacteria. Brushing your dogs can also help you stay alert to the presence of fleas and other bugs, which can show up on the brush.

Cleaning Up After Them

This habit may not be the most enjoyable, but it is one of the most important. For dogs, having a clean area to run around in means they will be less likely to get into a mess, ingest waste, and keep them healthy.
Picking up after your dog as soon as they eliminate can be a helpful habit to adopt. It can benefit you and your favorite shoes when your backyard is free from droppings, too!

Trips to the Groomer

For pet parents with long-haired pups or fluffy old dogs, getting connected with a groomer can be a game-changer! Professional groomers know how to handle even the most frightened or uncomfortable pets, helping them feel at ease as they bathe, trim and style their coats.
Scheduling regular visits to the groomer can save you time and ensure that your pet's coat stays in top condition. For double-coated pets, a trip to the groomer can be particularly helpful during seasonal transitions, when coat-stripping may also be necessary.


Sometimes, getting your dog to the groomer on a regular basis is just not possible. But your pet's coat still needs care, and there is no reason why you cannot learn how to groom them yourself! There are tutorials and explanations available online for all kinds of coat types and thicknesses, and plenty of tools and grooming kits to choose from.
Learning how to groom from books or online resources can help you bond with your pet in a new way while keeping them safe from coat-related health issues, pests and skin irritation.
Caring for your dog in a holistic way should always include some kind of coat or skin care. If, after reading these tips, you are still unsure of how to care for your pet's particular coat, consulting a professional groomer or your veterinarian can help you know where to start.