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3 Ways to Treat Your Senior Dog for Better Health

Thomas Wright Aug 7, 2019
There are several ways to make sure your older dog gets some perks to enjoy even if reduced mobility and sore, aching joints become a part of her daily life.
If you have a faithful furry friend that has been your companion for many years, then you probably want to make sure it knows that you love it just as much now as when it was just a spry young pup.

Low Impact Exercise

As dogs age, it is important to find ways for them to enjoy daily movement and exercise. It helps to prevent weight gain and muscle loss, keeps arthritis progression in check, boosts heart health, and promotes good rest.


Take Old Yeller to a lake or swimming pool to enjoy few laps. Swimming offers great cardiovascular workout without impact of a long walk on ankles, knees, and hips. Be sure to bring some of his favorite toys, plenty of fresh drinking water, and a few extra towels!

Daily Walk

Daily walk is as good for senior dogs as for rambunctious puppies. Ensure you see the walk through the eyes (and paws) of your old friend. Take a route with less steep inclines, natural shade, and spots to sit down for sometime.

Yoga for Dogs

Yes, believe or not, this exists. If you live in a metropolitan area you can find some classes nearby. This form focuses on stretching, and slow, intentional movement designed to promote joint health, preserve muscle tone, and increase flexibility.

Physical Therapy

Many dog owners are unaware of people trained to help injured and senior dogs get moving while improving joint function, muscle tone, and flexibility. Like physical therapists for people, these experts have knowledge about therapies, useful for dogs.

Natural Oils for Pain and Inflammation

Finally, if you want a natural product that may improve your dog’s mobility, consider CBD oil made for your dog. This recent pet health trend is not without scientific support. A recent study showed that 2mg/kg administered twice daily can improve mobility in arthritic dogs.
Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD work if applied topically. Many owners found that rubbing a small amount on joints helps their older canines move more freely. Discuss this and other natural supplements with your vet as they can interfere with other medications.